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Opening a new world of in silico drug discovery

Galux revolutionizes drug discovery with an integrated in silico technology that combines physics, chemistry, and artificial intelligence.
Galux is based on protein structure modeling platform "GALAXY", which has been proven to be one of the best methods in the world in blind competitions such as CASP and CAPRI.


Structure-based in silico drug design

Galux has the technology to rationally design drug molecules based on the protein structures in silico. 
Galux integrates physics, chemistry and the artificial intelligence technologies to design new drug molecules.


Protein drug design

Protein–protein interactions (PPIs) are increasingly being targeted by therapetic companies. Galux has specialized softwares to predict protein-protein interaction , which can be used to design new protein drugs efficiently. Galux's protein-protein interaction prediction method showed outstanding performance in CAPRI international competitions.

Peptide drug design

Protein-peptide interaction prediction method in Galux enables accurate prediction of protein-peptide complex structure and binding affinity. Peptide and peptidomimetic drugs can be rationally designed using our softwares. Galux's protein-peptide interaction prediction method showed outstanding performance in CAPRI international competitions.

Small molecule drug design

Galux small molecule drug design software is based on physics based principle of atomic interactions, and the performance is further improved by advanced machine learning methods.



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